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      H4H- Humping for Heroes.

      Humping for Heroes is ALL ABOUT GIVING BACK. This is our "fun run" style event with a Special Operations twist! At GreenFace we love teamwork, and push the significance of camaraderie, that's why you will need to pick a partner to share the fun! Each member will carry a backpack with weight (that's the humping part) from start to finish. Additionally, you will need to choose a "team weight" that can be passed back and forth as you see fit throughout the course. The team weight can be anything you want, choose wisely! We recommend something that can be passed back and forth easily and puts a smile on your face. 

      H4H is intended to be a fun family friendly event with a great purpose! Can't find a sitter for the little one/s? Bring them along and have them participate! At GreenFace we encourage a family first approach, we'd love to see you and yours getting after it together!

      Get into the spirit of GreenFace and run the event with your face painted (camouflaged/green) .

      Show your patriotism and run the event with an American Flag! 


      • $50/per two person team
      • 5K, 10K options
      • Earn a GreenFace H4H patch upon completion.
      • ALL PROCEEDS go to America's Mighty Warriors.
      • Choose your individual weight (Should be > 10 lbs and 35 lbs < 
      • Team weight = 20 lbs
      • Location-TBD
      • Date-TBD
      • Start Time-TBD Please arrive 30 mins prior for check in.
      • Parking onsite is TBD.




        • Show up on time.
        • Bring the right gear
        • Show up physically prepared. (See Benchmarks below)
        • Have a No Quit attitude.
        • Have FUN!


        If you can meet these minimums, you have what it takes to be successful. There will not be any type of test or assessment, hold yourself accountable. Please remember your Teammates will be counting on you.

        • Ability to walk 5k or 10K.
        • Ability to carry 20 lbs for short distance (team weight).
        • Ability to have fun while you participate.


        We recommend and promote an active lifestyle. This event is based around Teamwork, Physical Endurance, and Mental Toughness. We recommend physical activity a couple times a week, at a minimum. Good examples would consist of Running, Hiking, Swimming, Humping (carrying a backpack with weight), Calisthenics, and Weight Training, etc. Try to push yourself out of your comfort zone once a week by adding distance, repetitions, or weight to your normal routine.

        • Backpack- For carrying individual weight ( > 10 lbs < 35 lbs ) and any personal items during event.
        • Water, 2-3 Liters-Up to you what style, but a hydration bladder would be the easiest.
        • Small snack- protein bar, or similar. Something that will last in a back pack during the event.
        • Cash/Money for afterwards
        • 20 lbs Team weight.

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