INDOC Challenge
INDOC Challenge
INDOC Challenge
INDOC Challenge
INDOC Challenge
INDOC Challenge
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    INDOC Challenge

      INDOC-Military meaning: Initial selection for elite units.

      INDOC is a unique fitness challenge based around the difficulties faced during BUD/S Hell Week –The toughest training our Nation has to offer. Think of INDOC as an adventure race with special operations flavor. You and a team of six new friends will row, run, perform calisthenics, use logs and more, but the specifics will remain a surprise until the event starts, adding to the excitement of the challenge! You will depend on your physical endurance, mental toughness, and your team to overcome the challenges of the event.

      At the end of this event, you will have established a baseline of fitness for yourself. Share your trials and achievement as you celebrate the end of the challenge with your newfound teammates.


      Not sure if you are up to the challenge? Check out "How to Prepare"

      Still have questions? Check out our "FAQ" page

      10% OFF for Military/Police/Fire


      • 4-5 Hour Challenge.
      • Limited Participants.
      • Location- TBD
      • Date- TBD
      • Check-in 0830, Event starts at 0900
      • Parking onsite is TBD




      • Show up on time.
      • Bring the right gear (Check out our FAQ)
      • Show up physically prepared. (See Benchmarks below)
      • Have a No Quit attitude.
      • Have FUN!


      If you can meet these minimums, you have what it takes to be successful. There will not be any type of test or assessment, hold yourself accountable. Please remember your Teammates will be counting on you.

      • 25 push ups without stopping.
      • 25 sit ups without stopping.
      • Ability to press 50 lbs overhead and hold for a short time period.
      • Run 1.5 miles in under 15 min.


      We recommend and promote an active lifestyle. These events are based around Teamwork, Physical Endurance, and Mental Toughness. We recommend physical activity a couple times a week, at a minimum. Good examples would consist of Running, Hiking, Swimming, Rucking (carrying a backpack with weight), Calisthenics, and Weight Training, etc. Try to push yourself out of your comfort zone once a week by adding distance, repetitions, or weight to your normal routine.

      • Backpack- For carrying personal items during event. We suggest water proofing or leaving behind anything you're not willing to get wet.
      • Water, 2-3 Liters-Up to you what style, but a hydration bladder would be the easiest.
      • Gloves-Mechanix style or leather for log PT.
      • Small snack- protein bar, or similar. Something that will last in a back pack during the event.
      • Dry clothes/Shoes- Always feels good to get warm and dry. Good idea to leave in your car until after.